"I was denied twice before I hired Jerry Alford. We won my case at the first hearing. Jerry Alford and his staff were with me all the way. They always returned my calls and he always found time to meet with me." ' Greg from West Virginia
"Jerry Alford was very helpful. He and his staff obtained my medical records, prepared me for my hearing, and argued my case before an administrative judge. Mr. Alford is plain spoken and straight forward. Thanks to his help, I now have a monthly income and Medicare coverage." ' Susan from West Virginia

Social Security Disability Attorney in Kanawha County, WV

If you are disabled and believe you need the services of an attorney to see you through the Social Security Disability process or other disability-related benefits, please feel free to contact our office. Attorney Alford has represented disabled individuals throughout West Virginia and in Kanawha County since 1985. With over 30 years of experience, Jerry Alford is the lawyer you need to get your disability matters handled.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Putnam County, WV

Injured workers who are having difficulties with workers' compensation matters can call on Attorney Jerry Alford. He has over 30 years of experience with employment law matters concerning workers' compensation claims in Putnam County and beyond, many of which are dependent upon obtaining accurate evidence. Refer to the legal fee information below for more details.

Personal Injury Attorney in Boone County, WV

Almost any kind of accident can cause a personal injury, everything from a slip and fall, to a horseback riding accident, motor vehicle accident, or crush injury. When you have received a severe bodily injury and require the services of an attorney to assert your legal rights, please call Jerry Alford, who has the experience of assisting clients in Boone County and neighboring communities for three decades.

Legal Fee Information for Jerry Alford, Attorney-at-Law

Legal fees regarding workers' compensation claims are 20 percent of all benefits obtained or defended. Legal fees regarding social security disability claims are 25 percent of back pay for the claimant and his or her dependents.

From time to time, clients do encounter other expenses. Upon review of your claim, Jerry will give you an estimate of expected costs for obtaining evidence or other legal services.

Attorney Jerry Alford promises:


To accept and return emails and phone calls as quickly as possible.If you have any questions or concerns about your case, shouldn't hesitate to contact our office.


To keep you informed of the status of your claim.The outcome of your case will affect your life and realize the importance of knowing. We won't keep you in the dark.


To always work diligently to promote your interests.We don't rest until we we've done all we can for you. We understand this is your life.